Szymon Bogacz

Hey, my name is Szymon and I’m a PhD student in the ANU School of Philosophy. I did my MA in philosophy in the Institute of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University.

I work in Buddhist philosophy, logic and philosophy of logic, epistemology, and philosophy of language. In my thesis I analyse what Dharmakīrti says about contradictions and I develop an epistemic approach to the liar paradox.

​I also work on the epistemology of disagreement, analyticity, and the relationship between logical validity and rules of belief change. I have further interests in the history of Buddhist philosophy and religion in India and China.

You can read some of my research bellow

Dharmakīrti and the liar paradox (9 500 words), manuscript

Peer disagreement, uniqueness thesis, and believing contradictions (8 500 words), under revision

Dharmakīrti’s foundational theory of meaning (13 000 words), manuscript

Analyticity and easy ontology (5 000 words), co-authored with Ross Pain, under revision

Dharmakīrti, the liar paradox, and the contemptible consequence problem (6 500 words), under revision

Epistemology in the Aṣṭasāhasrikāprajñāpāramitā and in Nāgārjuna’s middle way (10 pages, in Polish), 2015, Studia Humanistyczne AGH 3 (14): 7-16, download

A critical approach to the dialectical interpretation of Nāgārjuna’s philosophy (20 pages, in Polish), 2014, Diametros, 227-246, download

Contact me at: szymon.bogacz[at]anu.edu.au / Facebook / Twitter / PhilPeople / Academia.edu